Frequently Asked Questions


1.  When was the Lowcountry Foundation for Wounded Military Heroes (LFWMH) founded?
2011 as a 501(C)(3).

2.   Why / How was LFWMH founded?
Master Sergeant Todd Nelson, the son of a Hampton Hall resident, was severely injured in Afghanistan during his 3rd tour of duty. Todd lost an ear, an eye, his nose and was severely burned as well. He endured over forty (40) surgeries. Todd was extremely appreciative of the medical care he received from the military but there were also additional services and assistance that could have helped Todd with his recovery. A group of Hampton Hall residents realized there were many others like Todd and decided that they wanted to help other heroes in need. As a result, the Lowcountry Foundation for Wounded Military Heroes was formed.

3. Are you affiliated, in any way, with the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT?
We are NOT, in any way, affiliated with the Wounded Warrior Project. If fact, we are affiliated with Birdies for the Brave, a PGA Tour Charities affiliate.

4. What is LFWMH'S mission?
To provide funds that directly support wounded military heroes through charitable programs reviewed, approved and recommended by "Birdies for the Brave", a PGA Tour Charities Inc. affiliate. These programs are designed specifically for the individual needs of our wounded military heroes as they assimilate back into the civilian population. We target the monies raised to benefit wounded military heroes living in the South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry or who have some connection with these areas.

5. Why have you partnered with Birdies for the Brave?
100% of the proceeds we give to Birdies for the Brave go directly to the charities we designate. Birdies for the Brave takes no fees for salaries or administrative expenses.  

6. What characteristics of your Foundation would make me want to donate to the LFWMH vs. another charity?  
A few compelling reasons include:
  a. We maximize our donations to Birdies for the Brave and the charities they have vetted and approved. We can do this more effectively than most because:  

       i. LFWMH is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Our 6 Board members, 9 Committee Leaders, and over 180 volunteers receive no compensation whatsoever. Our only expenses are those needed to support our fundraising efforts (food, refreshments, advertising, printing). This allows us to maximize the proceeds we donate.  

      ii. And, as previously mentioned, 100% of the proceeds we give to Birdies for the Brave go directly to the charities we designate. Birdies for the Brave takes no fees for salaries or administrative expenses.

   b. We have a proven track record of success. Here are some examples of what we have funded:  

       i. 17 service dogs (from acquisition, to training, to matching) for wounded heroes suffering from PTSD through the K9's for Warriors Foundation.

      ii. 5 mortgage free homes to deserving heroes and their families through the Military Warrior Support Foundation  

     iii. 3 four year college scholarships to surviving children of Special Operations Military heroes killed in action through the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  

     iv. Coverage for a wide variety of expenses incurred by our wounded military heroes through Operation Homefront Foundation which provides services and support to wounded heroes in South Carolina.  

      v. Annual gifts to the Green Beret Foundation and the Navy Seal Foundation.

 7. How do you raise money?  
Our primary fundraising event is our Wounded Heroes Golf Classic tournament held in May of each year at the Hampton Hall and Belfair Golf Clubs. We have also sponsored a 5K Freedom Run held on Hilton Head Island, SC.  Our primary sources of funds are:

  a. Participant entry fees. In 2018, we had 220 golfers participating in our tournament.

  b. Sponsorships. Our sponsorship options range from $250 for a hole sponsorship to $10,000 for our Platinum sponsorship. Each level of sponsorship has a particular set of benefits.  The levels and benefits of each are detailed on our website at   

  c. Silent and Live Auction Item Sales. Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, other golf clubs, and individuals, we offer a wide variety of auction items that yield approximately 20% of our revenues.

  d. Raffle Tickets. Again, based on the generosity of businesses and others, we sell raffle tickets for approximately 50 items each year.

  e. Fundraisers. Either on their own or in partnership with the LFWMH, local organizations (golf clubs and communities, churches, schools,) and businesses raise funds and donate their proceeds to us.  As examples of business fundraising partnerships, 5 Guys, Chipotle, and Roadhouse Ribs to promote their businesses in exchange for a portion of their proceeds.  

   f. Individual donations.  
8. How successful have your efforts been in raising money for Wounded Heroes?
Extremely successful!! As one might expect, the money raised each year as grown as our events have grown. In total, over the past seven (7) years, we have donated NET proceeds of $910,000 Birdies for the Brave. In fact, we are Birdies for the Brave’s largest non-corporate donor.

9. How are the funds you raise allocated and distributed?
Every year the Foundation Board meets after our major fundraising event(s) are completed and determines which of the 11 charities under the Birdies for the Brave umbrella will receive which amounts. This past year we donated $155,000 and allocated that money among the following six (6) military charities:  

  a. K9s for Warriors
  b. Military Warrior Support Foundation
  c. Special Operations Warrior Foundation
  d. Operation Homefront
  e. Green Beret Foundation
  f. Navy Seal Foundation

10. If I would like to get involved by volunteering how might I help? We have several standing committees, of which one or more might be of interest to you. These are:

  a. Operations
  b. Military Liaison
  c. Donations
  d. Website and Social Media
  e. Communications
  f. Food and Beverage
  g. Event Media
  h. Raffles
  i. Belfair Golf

If you are interested in volunteering, let us know which area(s) are of most interest and we will put you in contact with the appropriate committee chair.

11. If I would like to donate to your charity what’s the best way to do so?
There are several ways to do this:

  a.  Go to our website and donate using the following link:   This will give you the option to donate via credit card or PayPal.
  b. Write us a check and send it to LFWMH, 20 Towne Dr., #199, Bluffton, SC 29910
  c. Call us at 843-815-6339. We’ll be happy to arrange credit card payment over the phone
12.  How can I find out more about your organization?
Visit our website at or call us at 843-815-6339 and let us know what information you’d like. We’ll have the appropriate person contact you.

13. Can I follow you on Facebook? Yes, for the most timely updates, look up Lowcountry Foundation for Wounded Military Heroes and like our page.     

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