Fundraising Ideas


The Foundation welcomes and encourages any individual or organization (School, business, club, church group, or other charitible endeavor) to support us through its own fundraising activities. 


  1) You, your club or group could raise funds on your own and donate the proceeds of your efforts to our organization as if you were donating cash, sending a check, or donating via credit card. After you have completed your fundraiser, click here to select the easiest way for you to contribute your donations. 

Examples of these types of fundraisers are:

  • Organizing a school, neighborhood or community fundraiser much like other charitable organizations do, accepting contributions, and donating those contributions to LFWMH.
  • Organizing a tennis tournament, golf tournament or other event with participants donating all or a portion of their entry fees to LFWMH.
  • Church bake sale
  • A class or school-wide project
  • A community garage sale

  2) You, your club or group would like to raise funds using the LFWMH and “Birdies for the Brave” (the organization through which we make our donations to wounded heroes and their families) names and logos.To do this, you will need to contact us via email or phone. Click here for contact information so that we can work with you to approve the activity and the use of our organizations’ names and logos in you fundraising material and activity.

Examples of these types of activities would be:

  • A golf tournament with our organization assisting by, for example, providing banners or having one of our Board members attend your event to present our mission and history
  • Holding a special event (fundraising dinner or cocktail party, a tennis tournament, a 5 or 10k run) with representatives from LFWMH presentin attendance to present our mission and our history.